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8.0 VA Broker Management and Supervision
The legal role of a real estate broker licensed in Virginia is defined within Virginia’s laws and regulations. Within these laws, five forms of broker licensee are defined by duties and characteristics. Virginia Broker Management and Supervision is an eight hour broker management course which begins with an examination of broker management requirements in Virginia by defining each of these broker forms and explaining how their roles are distinguished under the law. Information in this course goes on to explore one of the most critical functions of a broker; management of escrow accounts. Other topics covered include other management activities, such as maintenance of licenses and advertising. The licensee will then learn about creating the policy and procedures manual, and then the course will conclude with information regarding the broker audit. Broker management is an important role that must be taken seriously and be based on strict adherence to federal and state laws. The information in this course gives the broker the tools necessary to perform the tasks with honesty, integrity and the knowledge needed to meet the expectations of the Broker position.
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